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      Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine that originates in Ancient China and is widely used throughout the world today.

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    Patient Oriented Treatments

    At Infinite Wellness Med Spa, our highly trained staff of 9 is dedicated and ready to serve you with a vast selection of services and products.  Your comfort, care, and wellness are our number one priority.  Our team includes a nurse probationer specializing in medical aesthetics, 4 massage therapists to ensure that we are able to accommodate your busy schedule, 2 Aestheticians, and an acupuncture physician.   In order to provide the best possible service and foster the best possible results, our team is extensively trained in both corrective and therapeutic care. At Infinite Wellness Med Spa we pride ourselves on our vast knowledge of your skin and your muscular anatomy, which allows us to vary our approach and customize each treatment to your very specific and individual needs.

    Conveniently located for you; we are the only spa in Downtown Orlando that provides the combination of corrective and therapeutic services while providing the relaxing atmosphere of a spa.  Every customer that walks through our door can expect to enjoy the bliss of being pampered and the benefits of reducing stress, including but not limited to:  enhanced work lives, a better nights rest and the increased confidence that comes from taking care of ourselves and exuding ageless beauty. Our mission is to maintain quality relationships through customer satisfaction and providing wellness and beauty!

    There are many exciting additions to the services we offer and we eagerly invite you to explore our website and familiarize yourself with our products and services.  Once you have, please, don’t delay, call us to set up a free consultation with one of our professionals; this will be our opportunity to learn of your expectations and assess your needs. From there we will be able to suggest a range of treatment options for you to choose from.

    Call Infinite Wellness Med Spa at (407) 422-3355 today, we are ready to take your call and are excited to get you started on your personal journey to infinite wellness!

    Health and wellness go beyond stress relief

    At Infinite Massage and Wellness we want you to have the best wellness plan that fits your budget! That means membership benefits and discounted rates all the time on Massages, Skin Care, and Acupuncture. Now you can enjoy less stress, more energy and improved wellness on your schedule. Best of all, the benefits of spa facial treatments, acupuncture and massages are cumulative. So the more you go, the healthier you feel.

    Family Add-on

    Want to share the wellness with your family? With our memberships family members can join Infinite Massage at a discounted monthly rate. More family members. More spa days. More savings.

    Guest Passes

    Invite friends to experience massage therapy, acupuncture or facials for themselves at a discounted rate of course. Ask us for "Be Our Guest" passes. These entitle friends to a 1-hour session of there choice at our introductory rate. Now that's a great wellness plan.


    Unused 1-hour membership sessions can be shared with a family member or friend. Same recipient may enjoy one transferred massage every three months by the same member. For more information, please contact us at 407-422-3355.